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Mouli founder Johanna

Our journey began in 2014, with a mission to create our personal dream shoe, one that would accompany us on any quest and adapt to any situation.

So we went straight to the source—the heart of Italy—where craftspeople have been perfecting the art of handmade shoes for hundreds of years.

We were thorough. We visited 34 factories before we found the one that mirrored our vision for Koio, in the gorgeous coastal village of Civitanova.

We chose our factory in Civitanova when we witnessed the love and care the craftspeople put into the making of each shoe.

What emerged from this partnership were shoes that truly fused the artistry of luxury with the ready-for-anything ethos of modern city life. We knew the shoes would speak to a generation of people who recognized the distinction between quality and excess, and that—like us—eschewed traditional paths in favor of forging their own.

Constructed with the finest calf-skin leathers and hand-finished with unrivaled attention to detail, Koio products truly embody the spirit of their inception: they are ready for any journey—whether it’s the streets of a foreign city or an unexplored road home.

Moondust and rainbow sprinkles serve as the lining for every Mouli dress

We worked with Gianluca, a renowned Italian designer, to make sure each shoe fits like a glove.

It takes 4 hours to make one pair of Koio sneakers. All hail our extremely patient craftspeople.

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