Savvy Citizen | Savvy Citizens Wardrobe Essentials
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Savvy Citizens Wardrobe Essentials


Savvy Citizens main focus has always been around a single stylish centrepiece in your wardrobe that works in most situations. For the first time we are moving to a more complete offering with ‘Byron’. With a luxurious look but casual feel you’ll be able to look completely stylish in your leisure time.


If you were to narrow Savvy Citizen down to a single product it would be our ‘Berlin’ shirt. It’s been with us since the beginning and it holds a special place in every shirt collection. More than just a plain piece of clothing there is that extra attention to detail.


While autumn maybe isn’t the most popular of seasons there is something that comes with it every year that makes it worth it. Our ‘Benjamin’ coat puts you over the edge compared to other outfits. A skinny fit to match our shirts make you stand out in the otherwise rainy and grey time of the year which we call the fall season.